Friday, December 25, 2009

Paper Mention!


So my friend Patrick just alerted me to a mention of one of my pieces in the Minnesota Daily wayyyy back in November. Nice! First paper mention! Of course they got my name wrong, but no biggie I guess.

The article mentions my piece for the MCAD all-school-project (Time/Space themed) which documented my drive through Wisconsin with pictures of clouds, excerpts from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the time the pictures were taken, and which city I was nearest when I took it. I had to find the quotes and cities by calculating times between each picture and finding the spots on the tracks, and by playing around with google maps until I found the nearest major city based on the time I left and the times the pictures were taken. It actually took a bit of effort.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the article. I'll try and get the image up soon. It's not on my computer anymore, so I'll have to find it.

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