Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Update 3

We walked/biked/drove-when-Heather-got-heatstroke from Minneapolis to Chicago. I'm so proud of us. The 16G card I bought specifically for the trip corrupted on the second day, but I ran file recovery on it and got some really really neat stuff. I'm very excited about it! Thank you again to everyone who donated. You're all marvelous!Here's my favorite one:

Pretty neat, huh? Since I have nothing to do for the next three weeks until school starts, I'll most likely be starting a daily blog with a photo and a story behind it on our Squat Gallery blog as soon as I sort through all of them.

My internship with Heidi is quickly drawing to a close. Check out the sweetness that is my editing skills on one of her recent photographs in these screencaps:



Fixing that cymbal was really hard (due to the circular pattern), and gave me the greatest sense of accomplishment I've had all summer. The sense after the walk was very much tainted by ligament pain.

I've also been researching for my senior project tarot deck. While I was browsing the internets and collecting inspiration for my own deck, I came across an artist named Carvin Rinehart, an Indiana painter and photographer who apparently has all the same photographic interests as me. He did his own tarot deck, and also does tableaux based in mythology, both biblical and classical. I'm so excited that I'm not the only one! Below is his St.Lucy the Martyr.

And this is the book I've been doing most of my research in. It's great. It's got sections explaining the Major Arcana in depth, the entire deck in depth, the tarot in relation to mythology, and all sorts of nerdy stuff. It's really helping.

I think this week I'll do a really quick photo series. I'll get back to you on that.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Update 2

So, summer's been going by faster than I had hoped. The sports/group photography job has pretty much died out for the summer, leaving me tons of time to work on my internship and train for the walk from Minneapolis to Chicago, which is actually a bike ride now. We start that on Wednesday, and hopefully will not die.

I've been documenting my family this summer. No one that I know has as bizarre and versatile a family as I do and I thought I'd follow in the footsteps of pretty much everyone and do some documentary work about them. Here's a sample. I'll hopefully have a tab for it up on my website too.

I need to update my website so badly...

I also wrote a post for a music blog called Marching With Six about Harry and the Potters in Chicago. Check it out here: