Sunday, March 14, 2010

Typewriter Problems

So, I just spent an hour in the MCAD library on their fabulous IBM late 80's typewriter typing up the textual part of "the Best Evidence is in Black and White." Apparently I can type just fine until the last line. I have 6 pages here with screw ups on the very last line, sometimes even the very last character. I felt very disruptive, but I got it done. Now all I need is to print the pictures of the people. I found two to three for each, and my mother dug out the 5th grade picture for that girl. I also found a mysterious copy of my 7th grade yearbook which I borrowed from a friend and scanned about 6 years ago. She's in that too. I was so excited. Now I just have to pull together the Shakespeare part, and write my junior review statement. Yuck.

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