Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So Where Have You Been, Meg Dolan?

So, it's been a while. A very very long while. Tarot project was a flop. First I shot some preliminary photos with models. Then on advice that I took way to personally, I decided to build 3D models of Tarot cards and photograph those, then I changed them more into kind of bas-reliefs, which I hated hated hated working on. We had a guest crit with James Welling (photograph below from his Glass House series), and he voiced some discomfort with the form the Tarot had taken, that echoed what I had been thinkging about it all along. He said he liked my older mythology-based work, and told me not to ditch the horse that got me here. And somewhere around here, I discovered my new found love of Photograms, which I hadn't even thought of since my photo class in high school.

And then my house burned down over Thanksgiving, and I took incompletes for my classes, and now I'm struggling through a hybrid bas-relief photogram Tarot project just to get credit for that class, even though I still hate it.

I do however love my new photograms. See Below. All based in mythology, possibly with accompanying small prose poems to contextualize them in relation to my life, and often to reinterpret them. This is a preliminary test for Daphne and Apollo.

I also documented our house fire, and continue to document the process of recovery. I'm very happy with those photos as well.

Look for a major website revamp soon. And more photograms. Mmmm, mmm, good. Also if anyone has a Hurdy Gurdy they'd like to donate to me, I would appreciate it forever. I'm quite stuck on them lately.

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