Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shakespeare accomplished

So the other day, I took the super fancy Hasselblad out and about (but mostly in my apartment) and took 6 of the Shakespearean Women photos. First we went to my friend's apartment courtyard and took the Calpurnia one. It was freezing out. Then we headed to my other friend's house and attempted to take the Titania one in front of a pine tree at a country club, but it didn't work out so I reshot later inside (without freezing my models) and i'm going to composite the background and figures. Then we went to the frozen lake and shot Ophelia, which was burning cold. After we went home, we shot Desdemona, Lady Macbeth, and Goneril and Regan from King Lear. All in all they seem to be pretty good. I might want to reshoot Goneril and Regan at some point because the composition's a little funky and it's so overly blurry that you can't even tell what they're doing, but the rest of them are pretty discernible.

Alright, off to edit those. I'll link to them soon, I promise.

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